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1) Questions and Answers : Web site : Password reset emails not working (Message 89)
Posted 12 Oct 2017 by Coleslaw
would someone post on the project that the reset password will not send an email so you can reset your password
2) Message boards : Cafe : Possible DC-Vault Inclusion (Message 74)
Posted 23 Sep 2017 by Coleslaw
If anyone would like to help stress test this project for challenges, please join in on this challenge

9/28 - 10/5 Ocean of fantasy by Russsia Team. I suggest anyone that wants to stress test to partake in that challenge. No need to make multiple challenges within a single months time.
3) Message boards : Cafe : Possible DC-Vault Inclusion (Message 72)
Posted 22 Sep 2017 by Coleslaw
I am an admin at . We are considering the possibility of adding this project to our list of projects currently part of the ongoing challenge standings. Before doing so, we like to get the permission of the admins here. Some projects are not ready for additional exposure and actually prefer not being added until ready. Do you give us permission to add this project in the event we find it acceptable ourselves?